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Sacramento Bankruptcy AttorneyHernandez Law Group, Inc. provides a wide variety of legal services to clients in the Bay Area, Sacramento and the surrounding areas, as well as, Austin, TX. Our focus is on debt resolution and real estate services. We offer full service debt solutions options. This means that when you make an appointment with one of our attorneys, you will be presented with all possible debt relief options, including: home loan modification, debt settlement, debt consolidation, bankruptcy and credit repair.

Many law firms only practice one area, so they can only give you limited advice and service. When you meet with a member of Hernandez Law Group, Inc., you will be presented with a wide range of legal services. You will have the opportunity to review each option and an attorney can carefully present the pros and cons of each possible choice. You can ask the attorney questions, learn about the credit and tax implications of each option, and get solid information to help you make the best decisions for your family. Our goal is that every client should have a tailored plan to help them get out of debt. The most common areas of law we practice are:

Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13)

Use the Federal Court system to help wipe out all or a portion of your debt. Bankruptcy can stop creditor harassment, stop collections, stop wage garnishment and bank levies, stop lawsuits, reduce car payments, and sometimes even get rid of second mortgages.

Loan Modification

Have an attorney negotiate on your behalf with you home loan lender to reduce your monthly mortgage payment, reduce the mortgage interest you are being charged, and sometimes reduce the principal balance owed.

Debt Settlement

Hire an attorney to negotiate the total amount of debt you owe on credit cards or second mortgages so that you pay only pennies on the dollar to get out of debt.

Credit Repair

Learn how to fix damaged credit by using the credit reporting dispute process to your advantage. Wipe out missed payments, short sales, foreclosures and bankruptcy from appearing on your credit.

Landlord Services

Have an attorney help collect the monthly rent your tenants owe, or conduct an eviction to remove a non-paying tenant from your property.

Uncontested Divorce

Avoid expensive and ugly divorce proceedings by having an attorney draft a divorce agreement that winds down your marriage without a costly court battle.

To learn more about one of our practice areas, click on the interest to your left. However, if your legal needs are not on the list, feel free to contact our office for a free consultation to see if we can assist in your situation.


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