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Our Outstanding Reputation

Because there are so many scams taking place in the loan modification industry, our office understands that clients must be confident in our reputation and honesty before they put the well-being of their home in our care.

Our law firm is compliant with all state laws, including California Senate Bill 94 that requires loan modification companies to only collect fees after performing work. We maintain an excellent reputation in the community, including having an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, all of our attorneys have clean records with the State Bar of California.

Our firm is seriously committed to helping California home owners save their homes through loan modification. Feel free to research our firm online, check out our attorneys on the California State Bar website, and call your local congressperson to see if they have ever had a complaint about us. We encourage potential clients to research our qualifications and welcome questions about our history and track record.

We Are Experts in Our Field

Unlike the banks we work with, not just anyone can get a job at our firm doing loan modification work! All of our loan modification processers have a background in real estate and loan modification. Every single loan modification file is evaluated by an experienced real estate broker to double-check our clients’ qualifications prior to being submitted to the banks for approval. Our loan modification processers often spend hours on the phone teaching the uneducated “loss mitigation” workers with the bank how to do their jobs and properly evaluate loan modification candidates.

Our office is also quickly developing a national reputation for excellence in loan modification services. Our attorneys have been invited to speak with at the office of the Lieutenant Governor about common problems California homeowners are facing with loan modification. Our Managing Attorney, Kristy Hernandez, has also traveled to Washington D.C. to speak with several California Congressmen about how to solve loan modifications problems in California. We are not just helping homeowners save their homes from foreclosure; we are actively campaigining for mortgage relief on behalf of our clients.

We Don’t Take “No” For An Answer

Loan modification success is often about persistence more than anything. Anyone who has been trying to do their own modification knows that banks often lose paperwork, say that they did not receive documents when you can prove that they did, or deny modifications for ridiculous reasons. We document every communication that we have with the bank so we can prove to the lender that we submitted every document in a timely manner.

We Believe in Quality Customer Service and Have Compassion For Our Clients

Since loan modifications often can take six months or longer to be approved, we tend to have long term relationships with our clients. Part of doing our job effectively involves us knowing your hardships and struggles so we can explain your circumstances to the bank. Every week we call the bank on your behalf and then provide you with a weekly update on the status of your loan modification. Because we work together so closely, we really get to know our clients well and care about the outcome of every modification.

We Only Accept Loan Modification Clients That Have a Good Chance of Success

If you are not qualified to receive the loan modification you want, we will decline to accept your case. As a law firm, our goal is to get results. We only take cases if we really believe that a home owner meets the lender guidelines for loan modification approval. You will receive a candid evaluation of your qualifications for loan modification from a licensed broker or attorney before we ever take a payment so that you can evaluate the chances of success. Also, since a large portion of our attorney fees is only due if you receive a successful loan modification, we carefully screen the cases we take to make sure that our office does not accept clients that are not good candidates. In the event that you are not a good candidate, we will present you with other options to help with your situation. It simply does not make sense to pay a lot of money for a service if you have no hope of getting the results you want, and you should know that up front.

We Are a Full Service Law Firm

There are lots of companies offering loan modification, but how many companies help you evaluate ALL of your legal options?

Our firm does not just handle loan modification services. Our attorneys assist clients with loan modification, credit repair, bankruptcy, tax settlement, debt settlement, landlord/tenant services, short sales and much more. When you meet with one of our attorneys, we are not out to “sell” you on a particular service. Our attorneys will evaluate your entire financial situation and your goals to give you the best possible legal advice, whether or not that involves loan modification. Often times we are discussing several plans for how to save your home. Be careful speaking with a company that only offers one service, because there may be other options available to you that you are not learning about.

We Get Results

Our firm has helped hundreds of California home owners obtain loan modifications. We track our results so you can see the outcomes of loan modifications that we have achieved with your particular lender. There is no cost for a consultation. Call us today to see if you are a good candidate for home loan modification.


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